Best Electric Tankless Water Heater Reviews in 2023

Tired of fixing your old water heater tank? Are you thinking of leveling up your traditional cold shower? Switching to a water heater is the perfect move to achieve that. But can you just pick any available items online?

Surely, you can. However, every item has different functionality and specification. To avoid regrets, it’s ideal to research for the best electric tankless water heater suitable for you. There are several factors to consider before you make that final call.

Using an electric one is quite a trend these days, but it’s also essential to look into some important factors like durability, cost-effectiveness, size, and energy efficiency. Start scouting now and look into these product reviews below to jumpstart your research.

6 Best Electric Tankless Water Heater Reviews

We have sorted out the long list and came up with six popular tankless water heaters for a thorough review. Let’s determine which one suits your standards and needs.

backpacStiebel Eltron Tankless Heater Check Latest Price
backpacEcotouch Electric Tankless Water HeaterCheck Latest Price
backpacEcoSmart Eco 11 Electric Tankless Water HeaterCheck Latest Price
backpacBosch Electric Mini-Tank Water Heater (ES2.5)Check Latest Price
backpacBosch Electric Mini-Tank Water Heater (ES8)Check Latest Price
backpacTitan SCR2 N-120 Electric Tankless Water HeaterCheck Latest Price

1. StiebelEltron Tankless heater – Tempra 36 Plus

StiebelEltron Tankless heater – Tempra 36 Plus

This electric tankless water heater from Stiebel is highly on demand because of its advanced flow control feature. It guarantees users an uninterrupted and unlimited supply of hot water during shower time.

The product will marginally reduce the flow if the demand for hot water exceeds set capacity. It’s one of the distinctive features of the product to keep up with the changing demand and continuously provide supply.

Furthermore, this tankless water heater is energy efficient. It uses 15 – 20% less energy than the conventional ones that use oil and gas. The chances of saving more energy and cutting costs are very possible, depending on your consumption habits, of course.

Temperature-wise, this tankless water heater has this unique feature to maintain water temperature for nonstop comfort. It also has an installed and duly activated electronic switch to ensure virtually quiet operation.

Lastly, durability and stability will never be an issue as the product has solid copper heating chambers. And take note, this one is easy to mount and does not require venting at all. This means your tank will never lose any heat – providing endless hot water right when you need it.


  • Saves energy
  • Has an advanced flow control to keep the temperature constant
  • Provides an uninterrupted supply of hot water on demand
  • Has pre-set temperature buttons for memory settings
  • Can control the water flow electronically for cost savings
  • Sleek design and compact size save space
  • 100% noiseless operation


  • Doesn’t come with a weatherproof box, thus not recommended for outdoor use

2. Ecotouch Electric Tankless Water Heater

Eco touch Electric Tankless Water Heater

This water heater is designed specifically for sinks. Its greatest point is it provides one of a kind over-temperature protection. The smart self-adjustment feature modifies power input allowing you to still get the perfect temperature, not the boiling hot water.

Water supply will not be a problem as this product supplies quick and continuous hot water. No need to neither wait for a long time nor adjust to fluctuating temperature as this water heater can provide an instant and sufficient supply.

You can easily do the temperature setting as this product comes with a digital display and touch control panel. The remote control can help you complete the installation and modification to let the smart unit do the rest of the work.

Additionally, this tankless water heater from EcoTouchunderwent tests to ensure safety and durability. You do not have to worry about scale build-up or a serious leakage as electrical lines are skillfully designed to run separately during operation.

Lastly, the sleek design of this product makes it more flexible. You can install it anywhere and mount it in any position. The product is perfect for the kitchen, school, doctor’s clinic, hospitals, bathroom, bar, offices, and more.


  • Supplies instant and adequate hot water
  • Will never experience any interruption or fluctuating water temperature
  • Guarantees a comfortable experience
  • Can easily install and adjust the settings based on your preference
  • Well-protected, 100% leakage-free, and durable
  • Suitable to be installed on any surface


  • Mainly applicable to sinks and not applicable to showers
  • Instructions are a bit complicated and require professional help

3. EcoSmart Eco 11 Electric Tankless Water Heater

EcoSmart Eco 11 Electric Tankless Water Heater

This product from EcoSmart is suitable for showers and sinks. It’s specially made for areas with cold climates with 67% and above water temperature and designed to heat up to 2 gallons per minute. When appropriately sized and mounted, this can provide endless hot water.

The self-modulating technology of Eco11 allows users to control the unit’s energy output and ensure excellent water heating procedure. Though it can be used for various applications, this tankless water heater is ideal for a small apartment.

Another good thing about this water heater is its cost and energy efficiency feature. It only turns on when there is a demand for hot water. Like the other products above, this product does not store hot water but heats the water as it passes the unit.

As for the size, there isn’t much difference with the tankless water heaters I discussed above. Itssleek design gives any area more storage as it frees up floor spaces. This is possible if the unit is mounted correctly, of course.

Lastly, this one is very flexible. You can use it not only for sinks but also for showers and other low flow operations.


  • Specifically configured for colder climates
  • Has an advanced self-modulating technology
  • Suitable for your sinks, shower, and low flow application
  • Energy and cost-efficient
  • Sleek and wall-mounted design to save space


  • Despite its flexibility, the product is only ideal for small areas or limited point of use application
  • You need to get multiple units to cover a larger household

4. Bosch Electric Mini-Tank Water Heater (ES2.5)

Bosch Electric Mini-Tank Water Heater

This one is specifically designed for your sinks. The unit can be installed in line with a larger hot water source to expand its functionality and provide “on-demand”use.

You are assured of a long-lasting efficiency and less waiting time with this glass-lined tank from Bosch. There is an external dial to easily modify the temperature and pressure settings. So, safety-wise, this tank can guarantee you that.

The product can also be used in any room because of its sophisticated and sleek exterior design. It can blend easily with any paint color, existing interior decors, etc. You can install this in any visible part of the house as it can go well with almost anything.

Moreover, the unit installation will never be a challenge because it can be mounted to a shelf, wall, or even to your floor. Position the water heater at the sink after you tap into the cold-water line, and you can enjoy the hot water in a snap.

So, if you’re looking for a water heater unit ideal for patio sinks, kitchenettes, basements, pool houses, apartments, and more, then this one from Bosch is worth considering.


  • Made up of glass-lined material for exceptional durability
  • Skips long waiting times and gets immediate supply when you need it
  • Can be independent or attached in line with a larger water source
  • Temperature and pressure relief valve to ensure the user’s safety
  • Installable in visible locations due to the classic and sleek design


  • Made for indoor and needs protection from a freezing environment

5. Bosch Electric Mini-Tank Water Heater (ES8)

Bosch Electric Mini-Tank Water Heater (ES8)

The ES8 from Bosch has mostly the same features as ES2.5. The major difference of this one is its 7-gallon point-of-use feature, which clearly means more supply for users like you.

Furthermore, this mini tank can be installed vertically and horizontally, but you have to take note of the 1.9-gallon difference. Vertical orientation comes with the dual (hot and cold) lines positioned on top of the unit.

Hardwire this 7-gallon model to supply the water your residential or commercial property needs—no special configuration required. Regardless of the settings, there is minimal stand by loss from this unit.

Flexibility and durability are just some of the great points of this mini tank. It can be mounted easily to any surface such as the floor, shelf, and wall. A special bracket is included if you decide to go with a vertical orientation.

Like the ES2.5, it can go with anything. This one is presentable and blends well with existing decors. So worry no more if you have to place it in a visible area. This will complement your interior and will make your place more ideal.


  • Offers a reliable and larger supply of hot water to users
  • Suitable for residential and commercial areas
  • Can be mounted vertically and horizontally on the shelf, floor, and walls
  • Boasts a smooth and appealing design
  • Safe to use and can last up to several years


  • This requires hardwiring
  • A decrease in capacity when mounted Horizontally
  • Needs additional protective gear if installed outdoors

6. Titan SCR2 N-120 Electric Tankless Water Heater

Titan SCR2 N-120 Electric Tankless Water Heater

This one from Titan provides a continuous supply of hot water only if you demand it. Like in any other tankless water heater using the product can save you more energy and further costs. Furthermore, this tank has the ability to keep even temperatures throughout.

It’s a great replacement to conventional ones because of its dependable supply, flexibility, and fitting temperature. The unit is even recommended in areas with warmer climates where ground waters are above 70° degrees Fahrenheit.

This tankless water heater from Titan comes with an adjustable temperature console. This is something you use to adjust the unit’s settings and come up with the right temperature for your comfort. So, it’s very safe to say that everything in this product can be modified to fit your needs.

The installation will not require a professional and skilled individual, as the procedure is very quick and simple. You can do it right after you get the unit off the box. Size-wise, it is pretty small and specifically designed to fit in little spaces.


  • Provides an uninterrupted supply of hot water
  • Easy to install and has adjustable temperature control
  • Consumes less energy hence cost-efficient to use
  • Ideal for small and medium-sized dwellings
  • A very durable water heater that could last for years


  • Fluctuating temperature if simultaneously used with 2-3 applications

Best Electric Tankless Water Heater

What to Look for Before Buying?

Tankless water heaters are trendy and somehow considered essential these days. Compared to traditional ones, they are more efficient when it comes to energy and costs.

If you’re looking for something to save the environment and your pockets, then installing an instantaneous water heater is one great move to achieve that. These heaters are known to only supply hot water when there is a demand for it. In short, it heats water as it is needed.

It sounds pretty interesting, right? But not everything you see online is perfect for your home or commercial spaces. There are essential factors you need to consider before you finalize that purchase order for your first tankless water heater.


Why should you bother knowing the size of the unit? It’s just easier to pick anything that look attractive with awesome stars from users, right?Apparently, you need to conduct a thorough research to know which one is suitable for you and your property. If you’re going to use it at home, check how many showers, tubs, sinks, washers, or applications you currently have.

It’s also very important to determine your household flow rate beforehand. Add up your appliances and showerheads to figure out the average supply your tankless water heater should produce. Look for a unit that could match your demand, and if unable to find one, then install multiple units if deemed necessary.

Energy Efficiency

One of the main reasons why consumers like you opt for tankless water heaters is to save energy and eventually costs. It’s just right to look into this factor closely when you are scouting for the best unit for your place.

Most brands emphasize this area, but one thing you need to check is the capacity of the water heater to keep up with the demand as the need for hot water increases. Look for something that only functions when you need it and avoid the ones that store up water as it is uses more electricity. Though any tankless unit can outshine traditional ones, it’s still best to end up with something economical.

Fuel Choice – Gas vs Electricity

This factor is crucial as this will determine not only the productivity of your unit but also your monthly cost. Gas, electricity, and propane are common choices for fuels. Accessibility influences the decision of users most of the time. Surely, you would prefer something readily available in your area.

For tankless water heaters, gas types are more expensive than the electric ones. Compared to the latter, gas-powered heaters carry more power; thus, this one is a preferred option of most residential owners. However, gas types usually need larger gas lines, which means it is way expensive than others.

Electric units, on the other hand, require detailed work but mind you, they are as efficient and durable as the gas types. Water heaters powered by electricity are easy to install and upgrade but with set limitations.

You have to look into the wires, upgrade instructions, and other safety protocols if you’re planning to use it for all applications at home.

Now, you can choose either of these two, but make sure to pick a unit with an intermittent ignition device. Through IID, you can easily switch on and off the pilot light and get the water heater to operate only if you need it to. This can help you manage energy wastes and manage your annual expenses.

Manufacturer’s Warranty

Why do you need to pay attention to this very minor detail? Indeed, buyers would sometime disregard this factor and focus more on other information. But as a wise purchaser, it is important to know the coverage of your warranty for future use. You’ll never know what could happen to your unit as time goes by.

Checking and comparing it with other brand’s warranty will save you from regrets in the long run. Keep in mind that when a manufacturer stands behind their brand and clearly indicates acceptable time frames and conditions, they firmly believe in the quality of their products.

By then, the assurance is 100%.


Securing tankless water heater units is surely a wise decision to make, considering the benefits you get instantly upon purchase. The durability of this type of product is tested to last up to decades. But of course, it depends on how well you maintain the unit you have.

In terms of maintenance, electric tankless water heater reviews indicate how easy it is to clean. You do not have to hire an expert and shed out some cash to dismantle parts on your behalf. Simply check limescale build-up and hard water deposits regularly for smooth operation.

Descale your unit from time to time for maximum performance. This doesn’t mean every day, of course, but you can schedule this every six months or once a year. Pick a unit that is easy to install and smooth to clean up for your convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.     Which one is cheaper to use: a tank or a tankless water heater?

Of course, it depends on your budget and the lifestyle you and your family have. A traditional water heater is way cheaper than the tankless one, especially if you look into the upfront cost.

However, if you’re after a long-term saving, getting the tankless unit is ideal. Unlike the traditional ones, a tankless unit only heats water when it’s needed.

2.     Is it right to consider my household need when choosing for a new water heater?

You definitely need to have that information handy. Figure out how many sinks, bathrooms, appliances, and household members you have at home. This will determine the suitable water heater for your residential property.

Also, you should check the capacity of the unit, specifically the amount of water it can store and how quickly it can replenish.

3.     How many units do I need to accommodate my whole house?

The number of units depends, of course on the water flow you need. If you consider the essential factors and choose the right model, one tankless water heater should be enough.

Wrapping Up

Certainly, a tankless water heater saves you from spending more, but it’s still wise to do thorough research to select the proper model. Consider your water flow needs and house requirements beforehand to end up with the best electric water heater.

Checking reviews like this will save you from major problems and unpleasant situations in the long run.