Best Dehumidifier for 4×4 Grow Tent 2023

Being an indoor horticulturist requires a lot of work to keep the plant alive and growing. One of the most important considerations for healthy indoor plant growth is keeping humidity and moisture balance.

Usually, small indoor plant growers make use of 4×4 grow tents. Due to its small size, some people assume keeping the moisture content in check should be easy. But in reality, it is much harder, even for small spaces.

You’ll need the help of the best dehumidifier for a 4×4 grow tent to keep the humidity at an optimal level. Choosing the right one can be difficult amidst many options, so we’ve created a small and simple list of the best ones to mitigate your worries.

List of Best Dehumidifier For 4×4 Grow Tent in 2023

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What Is a Dehumidifier?

Simply put, a dehumidifier is a device that captures the extra moisture content in the air releasing drier air outside. It is an electric system that creates an icy surface where precipitation occurs from humid air.

A dehumidifier has to work within a confined area like house rooms, basements, bathrooms, grow tents, etc.

Since it collects moisture from the air, converting it to water, it also comes with a water reservoir. It needs to be cleared after a regular interval.

What Is a Grow Tent?

It is a portable grow room for indoor plants. A grow tent is usually made of a sturdy canvas exterior and is very much reusable. The interior of this tent is reflective to increase the effectiveness of the light.

A grow tent tries to provide an ideally enclosed space for plants to grow efficiently and discreetly indoors.

Grow tents are used by people to raise high-dollar crops and plants like cannabis. However, numerous other types of plants can also be grown there as well.

Why Is a Grow Tent Necessary?

If you’ve tried growing plants indoors before then, you’re not unaware of how difficult it is to maintain their healthy growth and flowering.

Growing plants indoors is nothing like growing them in natural air and under the sun. You need to control many factors all at a time to ensure their proper health.

Among those controlling factors is the humidity level. Unbalanced humidity hampers regular water absorption, evaporation, and growth rates of the plants.

It is because the roots depend on a specific humidity, light, and temperature level of the environment.

Having a grow tent helps you to make a separate area for the plants to grow and makes it easy to control the humidity level inside. A humidifier brings down the excessive humidity of the air inside this grow tent and gives the plant cleaner air.

Benefits of Using a Dehumidifier for Grow Tent

The benefits of dehumidifiers are many, especially for plants in a grow tent. And all of those benefits revolve around the humidity controlling ability of the machine.

  • Regulates Water Absorption

One of the most important things you need to keep in mind while growing plants indoors or inside a grow tent is that plants tend to intake gallons of water for their growth. They are constantly absorbing water from the environment.

Plants take in water through their roots from the ground, and if the moisture content in the air is high, they tend to take the water from their leaves.

As a result of consuming water from the leaves, the plants take less water from the roots. The overall water intake reduces due to high humidity.

And everybody knows that water provides most of the vital nutrients to the plants. If the plant takes less water, it will grow less and become unhealthy. Thus, when you can control the humidity level of the air surrounding the plant with a dehumidifier, you can also control their nutrient intake to a large extent.

  • Prevents Fungal Formation

Humid areas are highly prone to various fungal formations like molds and mildews.

If the air inside the grow tent has excessive moisture in it, there is a good chance that these fungal formations will occur, causing many diseases to the plants.

That is why a dehumidifier is essential so that it can regulate the air by removing excess moisture. As a result, these formations will be prevented to a large extent.

  • Saves Tree from Rotting

Outside benefiting the plants from the vices of molds and mildews, a dehumidifier can also prevent problems like bud and leaf rot.

It is the worst situation a plant or crop grower can face. Rot in plants is caused due to poor environmental management and high moisture content.

The problem with bud rot is that it is difficult to spot in the beginning. And when you do realize it finally, the rotting has already gone so far that there is no solution.

You could end up harvesting the crops thinking they are healthy, only to find out they’re useless in the end.

The best dehumidifier for grow tents will ensure you the best air management inside the tent, so you don’t encounter such frustrations.

  • Provides a Healthy Environment

You must invest in the right dehumidifier to grow your indoor plants in a healthy environment.

It doesn’t matter whether your grow tent is large or small; you’ll eventually need a dehumidifier to draw out excess moisture from the air and provide an optimum moisture content for your plant.

Best Grow Tent Dehumidifier

Now that you know how important a dehumidifier is for the plants in the grow tents, it is time to get one. We’ve made a list of the six best dehumidifiers for grow tents below to make things easy for you. Have a look!

1. Pro Breeze Electric Dehumidifier

Pro Breeze Electric Dehumidifier

For a compact-sized and portable dehumidifier for your grow tent Pro Breeze is a great choice. This mini-sized machine can efficiently remove the dampness in the area, although it might take some time for that.

Great for use in small spaces like a garage, bathroom, or grow tents, Pro Breeze provides excellent value for money. However, it wouldn’t be very wise to compare this tiny dehumidifier with bigger ones since they are more effective in their job.

The main feature of this dehumidifier is the nice and quiet operation it provides. It uses Ultra-Quiet Peltier Whisper Technology that is designed to remove moisture from the air slowly over time.

That’s why although it will eventually provide you a sufficiently dry air, it might take hours before that.

Pro Breeze is a small machine with a lightweight design. This dehumidifier, weighing only 1.5 kg, is extremely easy to move around the house. Due to its low weight, no handles have been added to the design.

Measuring 6-inches in length and 8.5-inches in height, Pro Breeze comes with a 16-ounce water tank. It can remove around 9 ounces of moisture per day.

The size of the tank is quite generous, considering the low extraction rate since you won’t need to empty it multiple times a day.

Able to cover an area of up to 2200 cubic feet, the Pro Breeze dehumidifier attracts your attention with its mini and straightforward design. For example, it has a control panel with only a single on/off switch.

It means such simplicity makes this unit extremely easy to use without worrying about settings or mode. You just have to switch it on and leave it to do its work.

Despite its extremely simple design and low extraction rate, this humidifier will provide you with a good value for money since it is cheaper than most dehumidifiers in the market.

What We Like

  • Small size and portable
  • Ultra-quiet and noiseless operation
  • Removing the water tank is very easy
  • Very easy to use with the simplest control panel

What We Don’t Like

  • No option for continuous drainage

2. VAVSEA Small Electric Dehumidifier

VAVSEA Small Electric Dehumidifier

Interestingly most small dehumidifiers have similar designs. And incidentally, three of the items on our list look almost the same.

VAVSEA’s small dehumidifier is one of those three. The outlook is the same as our previous pick from Pro Breeze.

However, it has slight differences in its application and efficiency. For one, with a weight of 1.2 kg, it is 300 grams less than Pro Breeze.

However, like the previous one, it is also a low energy-consuming machine. It only uses 23 watts per hour, resulting in very little consumption of electricity throughout the day.

VAVSEA dehumidifier can cover an area of about 1200 cubic feet which is also a bit less than the previous item. It features a tank capacity of 500 ml with an absorption rate of 300 ml of moisture per day.

This item is the perfect choice for your small-sized grow tent since it works optimally in RH condition of 85%, dramatically improving air quality.

But the best feature of this device is the whisper-quiet operation. So it is a top-notch dehumidifier for bedrooms. But your grow tent could use some silence as well.

It has a built-in Peltier technology of Thermo Electric Cooling that can work even without any compressor. That results in the production of below 30 dB of sound while working at full speed. So it will keep the entire surroundings peaceful.

The automatic shut-off is what was absent in our first pick. Whenever the water needs draining from the tank, this unit shuts down automatically. That saves you from spilling the floor with water. It also saves some energy if you’re not home.

VAVSEA is overall a fantastic product for tiny spaces like a 4×4 grow tent. With its super quiet design and low power consumption, it will keep the air surrounding your plants healthy and sufficiently humid.

What We Like

  • Auto shut off feature when the tank becomes full
  • Ultra-quiet Peltier technology with thermoelectric cooling
  • Very much lightweight and easily portable
  • Extract a good amount of water for a small space

What We Don’t Like

  • It also does not feature a drain hose

3. SEAVON Electric Dehumidifier

SEAVON Electric Dehumidifier

SEAVON has a clean and modern design, and its neutral color will fit into any décor of your home. It has a slightly curved exterior that makes it look sleek and modern.

With a bottom tank of 500 ml capacity, SEAVON can extract up to 150 ml of water from the air in a day.

The tank can hold up to 2 days’ worth of moisture. So, you don’t need to empty it every day. Despite being a small device, it can carry out a better job than the competitors.

As for the removal of water, it is effortless due to the front grabbing handle. Besides, its built-in auto-shutoff function works great when the tank becomes full.

The device shuts off once the tank is full of moisture. An LED indicator informs you that the tank needs draining.

SEAVON can cover an area of 2,220 cubic feet. Working perfectly at a temperature of about 86° F and 80% relative humidity, SEAVON can very easily bring down the humidity level to 50%.

This dehumidifier also features a Thermo-Electric Cooling Technology that operates even without a compressor. Since there is no compressor involved, the machine will make less sound while you’re asleep in bed.

However, it works great in small areas like a grow tent and is suitable for moving it around the tent.

What We Like

  • Has Thermo Electric Cooling technology
  • Ultra-quiet operation
  • Auto shut off option for tank changing
  • Extremely silent as well as energy-efficient

What We Don’t Like

  • It doesn’t work below 41°F temperature

4. VIVOSUN Electric Mini Dehumidifier

VIVOSUN Electric Mini Dehumidifier

This dehumidifier looks completely different from the previous three we’ve reviewed. It is also bigger than the rest of the humidifiers.

This device is rectangular in shape with a sleek plain white design with a totally plain body in the front. It looks very modern and goes very well with any room décor.

VIVOSUN features a big 2.2-liter water tank which is at least four times as much as the previous ones. Able to capture up to 0.7 liters of water per day, you can easily pass three days without having to worry about cleaning the tank.

The tanks are made of clear plastic, so you can see how much water has accumulated there very easily. This water tank slides in and out very easily without any problem. It has a concave design that keeps the water from leaking.

This VIVOSUN dehumidifier has a smart control panel compared to the other ones on this list. Its smart touch screen control shows you the current temperature and humidity with LED indicator light.

Extremely easy to operate, the VIVOSUN dehumidifier only requires a gentle touch at the power switch, and it starts working fast. The device may be small, but it can work in temperatures ranging between 59 to 113 degrees F.

Since the device is small and lightweight, there is always the chance of it slipping. The manufacturer added four non-slip bottom grips that hold the unit on the ground tight to prevent that.

However, the best thing that this unit offers is the optional continuous draining ability through a hose.

Additionally, it also has auto shut-off and timer functions to save energy and prevent water from spilling. There is also an auto defrost option in case the water froze on the coil.

This extremely portable, good-looking, and lightweight dehumidifier is excellent for any homeroom, especially in a grow tent.

What We Like

  • Small and compact size but great design
  • The water tank is huge
  • Features optional continuous water draining
  • Auto defrost for increased functionality

What We Don’t Like

  • Leftover the water sometimes gets left inside the tank

5. Afloia 2500 Cubic Feet Dehumidifier

Afloia 2500 Cubic Feet Dehumidifier

Perhaps the best dehumidifier for a 4×4 grow tent is the Afloia due to its remarkable air drying capacity. This high-efficiency dehumidifier from Afloia features a 2-liter water reservoir that collects 750 mg of moisture per day.

Capable of operating best in temperatures between 55 to 56 degrees F, this small and compact machine will absorb any excess water from your grow tent.

You can easily take this dehumidifier with you wherever it’s needed. Its compact and lightweight design of only 5.27lb coupled with the handle at the back makes it easy to move around the grow tent as necessary.

The machine is also surprisingly very quiet. Afloia uses advanced Peltier technology that doesn’t use a compressor. It makes the unit ultra-quiet with a noise level below 38 dB. You can even use it in the bedroom to enjoy a comfortable long night.

One important feature of this small dehumidifier is the auto-shutoff function. This feature is sought after in many small-sized units as it prevents the water tank from overflowing if you forget to empty it.

Its auto shutdown sensor changes the indicator light from green to yellow when the tank is filled with water. After you’ve poured the water and put the box in place, the dehumidifier starts to work again.

Finally, if you’re worried about the filter, you can easily clean it when dirty and reuse it time and time again. We recommend you clean it every 3 three months so that the efficiency of the dehumidification is not affected.

What We Like

  • Light and compact design with handle
  • Ultra silent operation
  • Has 2L water reservoir
  • Auto shut off sensor to prevent water overflow

What We Don’t Like

  • It doesn’t work below 41℉ temperature

6. Ivation IVADM45  Mid-Size Thermo-Electric Intelligent Dehumidifier

Ivation IVADM45  Mid-Size Thermo-Electric Intelligent Dehumidifier

This compact appliance from Ivation can free your room or the grow tent from excess moisture that causes molds, mildews, and other allergens.

This dehumidifier takes a minimum space itself. It can cover an area of almost 2,200 cubic feet which is equal to a small room, bathroom, or a grow tent.

With a removable water reservoir of two liters, this machine can draw up to 25 ounces of moisture from the room in a day. It also spares you the hustle of emptying the tank every day by holding more than 2 days’ worth of water.

Ivation features Peltier technology that lets it work without making almost any sound. It is among the quietest units on our list.

After turning it on, the first thing you’ll notice is how quiet its operation is, although you can hear a tiny hum like a small fan.

Thanks to this Peltier technology, the unit consumes minimum energy making it an ideal option for people who want to save money.

The unit is also very lightweight despite its size. Weighing only 7.09 pounds, you can easily move it around the grow tent.

In addition, it also features an auto humidistat that helps the unit to run only when necessary, saving energy. It monitors the relative humidity of the room to ensure that it reaches the desired RH level without you having to do anything manually.

What We Like

  • Very quiet operation
  • Two liters of water reservoir
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Auto humidistat saves energy

What We Don’t Like

  • It doesn’t offer a continuous draining option


Buying Guide for Grow Tent Dehumidifier

Here are the primary considerations you might want to look into when purchasing a grow tent dehumidifier:

1. The Rate of Dehumidifying

Of course, this is the thing you’d buy a dehumidifier for, right? Still, you’ve to check how good it is at what it does. Not all the units and models work in the same way with the same efficiency.

Most large-scale dehumidifiers for grow tents can dehumidify 30 to 50 pints of water per day. In the case of smaller units, it can be less. But with the increased dehumidifying ability, the power consumption also rises, increasing your electricity bills.

For a 4×4 sized dehumidifier, you would need one efficient enough to capture enough moisture from the area. It is important, therefore, to know your tent area.

2. Square Foot Coverage

Another important aspect is to look out for the square foot coverage of the dehumidifier you’d be buying.

Usually, you’ll see a fixed label on the models for how much area it can cover. So you’d need to know the size of the grow tent you’re using.

As for a 4×4 grow tent, it is not a very big space for the matter, and almost all dehumidifiers can cover this area very easily. So it would be pretty easy to find one that works great in the grow tent of yours.

3. The Air Purifying Ability

While this is not the core function of a dehumidifier, many models provide this service nonetheless. This is actually a very nice added benefit, and it helps remove dust, allergens, and other similar pollutants.

If you can grab one that offers an air purification process along with good dehumidification, that will be a jackpot. This will keep your air cleaner for the plants and reduce the possibility of diseases in them too.

4. Size

While looking out for the perfect dehumidifier taking consideration of its size comes into question. Because let’s face it, a dehumidifier isn’t a small thing, and it requires considerable space around to work properly.

When you buy a big-sized machine in a small room, it takes up most of the space. Conversely, buying a small dehumidifier for a big room means it won’t provide the best result. Besides, having to empty the fan very frequently isn’t actually the ideal use of your time.

If your grow tent is of the size 4×4 foot, then even the smaller dehumidifier will do just fine because finding one that cannot handle this small area is itself a challenge.

5. Energy Use

Since a dehumidifier is an electric appliance, it will consume electricity and a lot of it. But there are some updated models in the market which proclaim to use less electricity and saves money.

It will be a big deal if you can find something like that since growing plants indoors is itself costly work. However, this low electricity consumption shouldn’t come in the way of its effectiveness.

6. Auto-Restart

This is a valuable feature when you fear a power outage. Although found in most dehumidifiers nowadays, some still don’t have this option. Auto-restart gives you time to focus on other works without having to rush every now and then to check on the plants.

7. User-Friendly Controls

User-friendly digital controls let you access customized operations from the machine. Having an easy-to-use control panel allows setting the exact humidity in an area.

8. Durability

What’s the point if your dehumidifier breaks down within a few months of purchase? You don’t want to waste a lot of money on a cheap machine.

That’s why along with the features and efficiency, the build quality of the dehumidifier also needs sufficient consideration.

A sturdy and well-built device can last for years without costing you extra money. Many growers tend to overlook this fact and end up being sorry few months down the line.

9. Hose Connection

Dehumidifiers have tanks with them where all the water is stored. Small dehumidifiers come with small tanks, and large ones have a somewhat bigger-sized tank. Nonetheless, this tank needs to be emptied when it gets full.

When you don’t have any way to drain this water out from the machine automatically, you’ll have to come again and again for this task. So it is better to look out for a dehumidifier that comes with a hose connectivity feature.

This feature allows you to connect the device to an external drain so that the water can be piped out without you needing to empty it manually.

10. Integrated Humidistat

This is a smart feature in modern-day dehumidifiers as it can automatically tell the amount of humidity in the air and help you adjust the machine settings accordingly.

An integrated humidistat comes in handy when you need to maintain a certain amount of moisture in the air for the plants to thrive.

11. Timer

The timer is a vital feature that works with the auto-restart function as well. It lets you program the dehumidifier to run or stop at specific times, even when you’re away from home.

Timer also saves a lot of energy as it can be set to shut down whenever optimal humidity is achieved in the area.

12. Reusable Filter

There is a filter in the machine that helps collect the water as well as purify it according to need. And with time, this filter gets dirty, reducing the efficiency of the dehumidifier.

Changing the filter every time it gets dirty will cost you a lot over time. That’s why it is better to look for a good reusable and washable filter that you can use for years.

13. Clean Filter Alert

You wouldn’t know the filter is dirty unless you check it for yourself by opening the dehumidifier’s water tank.

If you don’t have a clean filter alert feature in the machine, most times, you’d just forget to clean it, and the efficiency of the machine will take the hit.

14. Water Tank Capacity

The dehumidifier’s water tank must be large enough to store at least half to a days’ worth of water. If the water capacity of the machine is too small, you’ll need to change it over and over again. Besides, this can cause the water to spill.

The faster the dehumidifier pulls water out of the air, the faster the tank will get filled up. So better look for a good-sized water reservoir for the dehumidifier or have a hose connection attached to it.

15. Portability

Portability is another important factor for the dehumidifier, especially if you want to buy one for your 4×4 grow tent.

Because, as you know, this grow tent is itself portable and you might need to move it from one place to another from time to time. Having a tough to handle dehumidifier will only make your task harder.

Besides, you’ll also need to move the machine around the plants to dehumidify other portions of the tent in some cases. Therefore, make sure that the device is portable enough with top, side, or rear handles and castors at the bottom.

16. Quiet Operation

All dehumidifiers use fans to pull the air inside and push it outside. This fan makes a lot of noise depending on the speed it is going.

If you want a better performance from the machine with a turbo feature, it will probably make a lot of noise and annoy you.

You don’t want your dehumidifier for a 4×4 to grow tent to keep making annoying sounds 24/7. That is why get a machine that features advanced technology and does its work silently. The ideal noise level for a dehumidifier should be less than 60dB.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What’s the right place to put my dehumidifier in the 4×4 grow tent?

You can keep the dehumidifier both inside and outside the grow tent depending on two factors: the size of the tent and the environment necessary for the plants.

If the tent is too small, the dehumidifier could end up taking too much space. In that case, you can keep it just outside the tent.

But in case you’re able to keep the machine inside the grow room, the best place is the middle of it to ensure maximum drawing out of the moisture.

But keep in mind that there should be at least half a foot of space between the dehumidifier and the plants.

  • Is using a dehumidifier inside a grow tent expensive?

It really depends on the size of the dehumidifier you’re using and its other significant features like durability, usable filter, etc.

However, given that you’re using a 4×4 grow tent, the machine will be much smaller and probably won’t cost you much while buying.

Let’s say a standard dehumidifier runs as 280 watts per hour. Then depending upon the per unit electricity cost, you could be spending between 8 to 20 dollars to run the machine.

Besides, if you manage to get an energy-efficient model, the cost is going to go even lower with time.

  • What is the ideal temperature and humidity inside a grow tent?

The type of plants being cultivated inside the grow tent dictates what temperature and humidity should be inside.

For example, if they are vegetables, the ideal temperature is between 70-78 degrees F, and the humidity should be 35 to 45 percent.

But if you want to know the average best setting for most plants, it would be 30%-60% for humidity inside the tent.

Final Words

When you want to enjoy the colossal growth of your indoor plantation, the humidity will play a vital role in their health.

Having the best dehumidifier for a 4×4 grow tent will help you control the humidity and moisture of the space. It will also help you curb mold, mildew, and allergen growth.

In this article, we’ve reviewed some of the best small space humidifiers for grow tents based on some specific requirements and considerations. Although all of them are the market’s best at the moment, there is one that we love most.

The VIVOSUN Electric Mini Dehumidifier is the best option in our opinion in terms of its value for money and other features. However, it stands atop amongst the rest due to its two major features that all others lack: auto defrost and continuous water draining.

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